Politics Imitating Photography

This item of mine was first posted almost ten years ago. Why am I not surprised that its message is as (more?) true today as it was then? The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or is it photography imitating politics; what would Oscar Wilde say? ____________________________________________________ Most politicians see the world … Read more

Freeman Patterson Made Me Do It

Originally posted 10/22/11, almost exactly eight years ago. The three quotes at the end of the post are still true. Multiple Exposures can change the Ordinary into the Extraordinary Autumn Leaves Taken on my daily walk Small vertical pan up & down, 10 exposures __________________________________________________ Technical – Nikon D300, Nikon 35mm 1.8, 1/10 sec, f/5.6, … Read more

Silver Efex Pro 2 – Tutorial

A blast from the past! 1st published here on 2/19/2011. An example of a series of posts to be converted into an eBook. I envision a dozen or more such books. The SEP 2 tutorial is made up of the following twelve articles. You can either – Read them in order, or Start with #12, … Read more

Image Critiquing: A How-To

This is a repost. It’s long, but if you read it & take it to heart I guarantee you will be a better photographer – or you get your money back 😉 Summary – There are lots of ways to critique. Regardless of how you do it – learn to critique. If you don’t know what … Read more

Depth of Field for “Arty” Images

My favorite style|technique relies on Selective focus which in turn relies on Depth of Field Not Your Typical Botany Text Daisy Shot edge-on; focus on tip of nearest petal; wide open aperture 105mm macro lens + 1.4X teleconverter; tripod; natural light Like most images that “break rules” Don’t just bend the rules a little; break … Read more


High Key + Selective Focus = Soft “Echoes” I don’t yearn to visit photo icons Half Dome at Yosemite for example Apart from checking the “been there, done that” box There’s nothing new; all done millions of times Fortunately, my tastes run to the simple side Give me some flowers + my camera & I’m … Read more

PIB general topics

Summary – Weekly post categories; do each category once a week Image capture Abstracts Visual design Color management & workflow Post processing including: How-did-you-make that images, & Nik filters B&W Misc “People react primarily to direct experience and not to abstractions; it is very rare to find anyone who can become emotionally involved with an … Read more