Multiple Exposures

November 6, 2019
Multiple Exposure Examples The number of exposures vary between 5 & 10 Click for full screen Try it yourself  

Freeman Patterson Made Me Do It

October 24, 2019
Originally posted 10/22/11, almost exactly eight years ago. The three quotes at the end of the post are still true. Multiple Exposures can change the…

Nik Plugins – All There is to Know!

October 15, 2019
Nik Software Tutorials: more detailed than Nik user guides Color Efex Pro 4 Tutorial (CEP4) HDR Efex Pro 2 Tutorial (HEP2) Silver Efex Pro 2 Tutorial (SEP2) Color…

Bright Light on a Dark Night

October 14, 2019
I prefer to learn by reading rather than video (but certainly find reasons for both), which explains this site's text orientation. That said, I've done numerous…

Through My Crystal Ball

October 13, 2019
This is a before-after view of an Affinity Photo gimmick - a faux crystal ball. The scene is from Yosemite Valley. Not quite the way…