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Affinity Photo 1, User Interface (UI)

July 20, 2019
All Videos © Serif One other UI note. AP's default UI color is dark. If, like me, you prefer light then this next short…

Introducing Affinity Photo

July 19, 2019
The 1st in a series of Affinity Photo posts __________________________________________ __________________________________________ If you haven't signed up to receive an email when there's a new post,…

eBook: Digital Infrared

July 18, 2019
NOTE: The book control bar (across the top of the book) allows you to zoom the book’s size and to turn pages. The book has…

Pushing the B&W Envelope

July 16, 2019
Yesterday I published a post that included a link to republished-post from 2011. Unfortunately the linked-post's image sizes were incorrect - too small. For those…

Good News!

July 11, 2019
During the recent migration of the original site & its contents here to the new one, I wasn't able to migrate the site's 986 followers…