Welcome to the New Home of the 4-C’s

Craftsmanship, Composition, Creativity, Communication – the 4-C’s of Photography.

The 4-C’s capture the essence of photography; mastering them is a key to Photography-Improvement.

In July 2019, after 10 years at its original site, the Photography Improvement site was moved here.

- Since 2009 -

Over 2,800 Posts - and Counting


This site began as a course for members of my community’s camera club. On the personal side, it became my how-to-guide for otherwise difficult to find & remember material (at age 82 having this memory-backup is more than a just little helpful).


In 2009, as a blog novice, I began the site on WordPress.com – for free. After a few years I upgraded, $, to get more space. Next, I wanted an even better site – and here I am. Every bit & byte from the original site has been moved here.


Answers to all of your photo questions including material not found anywhere else.  Content includes image capture, processing, printing, and also –  art, color theory, human vision, optical illusions, data organization  and more.


Over the past 10 years:

  • Posts: 2,800+
  • Views: ~900,000
  • Followers: ~1,000
  • Countries: All but ~10 (mostly in Africa)