Those Falling Leaves

This post is a one of a set of tests using the iPad Procreate App as a photo post-processing tool. Previous posts in this series of Procreate’s animation tool added animated snowfall to a winter-scene, created a slideshow, animated streams – #1 & #2  and a sailboat. Today, a falling leaf.

It all starts here. A photo straight from my camera. Goal was to capture a falling leaf, keeping the leaf sharp & the tree blurred. A bit harder than it sounds.

Next, remove the leaf from the image & save it for the animation. The leaf then was positioned in a series of 73 layers as shown below.

I kept things simple by using just 73 frames, but the 244 available frames offer a lot of interesting (time-consuming) possibilities.


The center image shown above illustrates why creating an animation can be tedious. Each layer must be created and positioned individually.

This is my last animated photo test. It’s time to explore other aspects of Procreate.

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