Smooth Sailing – not


This post is part of a series of tests of the iPad Procreate App as a photo post-processing tool.

Previous posts in this series used Procreate’s animation tool to add animated snowfall to a winter-scene photo, to create a slideshow and a roaring stream.

Today’s post is my 2nd try at this sailboat scene. The first try used 36 frames to move (jerk) the sailboat across the screen.  Today’s version uses 85 frames in an attempt to smooth the motion. It’s better, but far from perfect. The “boat-less” image provided the background.

Procreate imposes a max-frame limit of 135 for this image. I’m not going to add the remaining 50 (not worth spending ~30 more minutes for this experiment to further illustrate what I already know). Compare this version with the first one.

Try the full screen option.

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