Affinity Photo User Guide, 2nd ed.

I’m continuing on with my user guide project, here’s the 2nd edition. It adds a Part 3, Example Editing Projects, which currently contains five projects. More projects will be added periodically – about 4 a month. I’ve also added an index, but it’s still early days while I work that out.

The first four projects were posted individually here on my site. I’ve included the fifth one in today’s post (as well as in the 2nd edition). It’s the 2nd PDF below.

The 4th & 5th (and all future) projects have a downloadable copy of the starting image for the project. You can download it and follow along with the editing steps. Also, all of Serif’s official documentation is available throughout the guide if you need help. Enjoy.


AP User Guide, 2nd Ed. v2


AP User Guide, 2nd Ed. v1 87-94

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