It’s Raining, It’s Pouring – It’s Great!

Even when a capture is very good in terms of exposure, things may still look a bit drab. Here is one of those cases.

A dark rainy (~ 4”) fall day in a Maine forest (my kind of day). Me and my gear were ready and dressed for it. Here is one of my captures. I was pleased with the result. With a few color & tonal contrast tweaks, it was a keeper.

Now, it’s ten years later, and I’m looking for images to try with Affinity Photo. I pulled out this Nikon RAW file and did nothing more, for a start, but convert it to a JPEG – no adjustments made during the conversion. That JPEG is what you see in the Before image. (RAW converted with Photoshop Elements 11, Old Reliable. Affinity Photo Develop Persona is unsatisfactory IMO.)

Step-by-step details are shown below the before-after

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