Affinity Photo – Multiple Exposure Painterly Images

Here’s an Affinity Photo how-to:

Painterly Images via Multiple Exposures

It’s easy and fast.

NOTE: There are two pages. Page turner is in upper left corner of PDF reader (lower left if using full screen).

AP User Guide, 1st Ed Multiple Exposure tutorial

2 thoughts on “Affinity Photo – Multiple Exposure Painterly Images”

  1. James,

    I’ve added a download option. It’s located on the PDF reader’s control bar next to the Full Screen button. Please let me know if it works for you.

    I’ll leave it as an option unless heavy usage causes problems with my site host, who has limits on memory and CPU usage. We’ll see how it goes.

    I’m curious. For something like this post, what’s the problem with just reading it here on the site. The answer will help me understand how readers use this type of material. A previous user’s request for downloads was based on wanting to use the User Guide off line. Clearly, that won’t work well because of the Guide’s heavy use of links to Serif’s official documents and videos. Just curious.

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