Affinity Photo User Guide, Part 1

Here’s Part 1 ( Workspace & User Interface) of my four part Affinity Photo User Guide. Several changes and additions were made since it was first posted last week. It’s been well received. No more changes are planned until Part 2 is finished in about a month.

I’m writing this eBook for my own use as much as for any other reason. When using AP, I have the eBook user guide open in my browser – much the same as opening AP’s own F1 help menu option. In fact, both access the same identical material. The difference lies in finding what you need. With F1, a text search is required, often with a dozen or more search results for you to go through. With the eBook, a there is a visual representation of the workspace with links to the same material F1 provides. It comes down to preferences – find your info via a text search or visually. Different strokes for different folks.

Please give me your comments, good & bad. Thanks.

Click Full Screen (bottom right corner) for the best viewing.

3 thoughts on “Affinity Photo User Guide, Part 1”

  1. James,

    After some thought, I realized that a downloaded PDF will not solve your need, i.e., “… off-line as a reference during editing sessions.” The reason is that the User Guide’s real information is found within the linked topics. By its very nature, a link requires a browser to open the linked file.

    I will eventually make this a downloadable PDF but, understand, as soon as you click on a link a browser is required. Without access to a browser, the value of the guide is questionable.


  2. Could you possibly include a link to a PDF downloadable version? It would be great to be able to have it as a PDF that could be used off-line as a reference during editing sessions.

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