AP Photo Persona – Workflow Examples

Before starting a series of Develop & Photo Persona how-to posts, here’s a set of RAW to finished image before/afters.
These were done quickly just to roughly illustrate a typical workflow and to show some of what’s possible.

Step 1 - RAW Conversion (Develop Persona Input & Output)

Step 2 - Minor Editing in Photo Persona of Develop's Output

Step 3 - Open Nik Color Efex Pro Plugin & Fiddle with Step 2's Output

NOTE – AP is compatible with Nik plugins. This step was done by opening the plugin within AP just as you would do in Photoshop.

Compare Step 1 Input with Step 3 Output

This post is part of my experiment with different image presentation methods for tutorials. A big reason that I moved to this new host for my site was to have more features and options.
I’ve only explored a handful so far. You’re looking at some of them here in this post – Before/After vs. Slideshow. Overkill, but helpful for me.

  • RAW SNP Sunrise D800E_120710_072037__DSC0386
    RAW Image

    1 Develop Persona Input

  • Develop SNP Sunrise D800E_120710_072037__DSC0386
    RAW Conversion to JPEG

    2 Develop Persona Output

  • Develop SNP Sunrise Pre-nik
    Edited JPEG

    3 Photo Persona Output

  • Develop SNP Sunrise Post-nik
    Edit #3 with Nik Color Efex

    4 Nik Plugin

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