Affinity Photo User Guide, An Advanced Ebook

This is really pushing the PDF eBook envelope. If/when I choose, it can include Videos, Slide Shows, and Audio –
all live within the book itself (i.e. not via a hyperlink to some external site).


Current status: The Table of Contents (tentative) is complete and can be seen on page 2 of the draft User Guide below. The actual contents, themselves, exist only thru page 7 and even these are mostly test draft material – but enough to tell me that I’m ready to move on to the “real stuff”.
Best of all, the eBook is embedded within this website – no need to send you off into a cloud, or wherever, in order to read it. Page 6 is an example of a “live-within-the book” video that you probably would rarely-if-ever see in an eBook (or any other book for that matter).


Working out all of this preliminary “stuff” took time & effort (impossible on the earlier 10 year old version of the site),
but it was worth it. Now I’m ready to move on.


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