Affinity Photo User Guide eBook Preview

Below is a screen shot of the upcoming eBook’s 1st two pages. The TOC shows the planned content. The pages, with titles ending in X, are blank until the associated blogs are written. Only page 6 has actual content, from the 20 July blog post. From now on, when an AP blog is posted, it will be added to the book and you can read it in either place. In a few months, I hope to have a finished book. Follow along and please help the process with your comments and suggestions (editors?) – thanks.

Although the book’s organization, for now, is similar to the “official” Affinity Photo Workbook, the similarity stops there. The content/material will be my own and original. Read the book’s intro for more info.



Here’s the up-to-date eBook  (PDF) with today’s post material (pages 2 & 3 above) included. By up-to-date, I mean exactly that. Anytime you visit the eBook in the future, you’ll see the latest saved version which I’m sharing from my Dropbox account. When I get to Ch.3, Examples, there will be downloadable material so you can try the examples on your own. Try that with your paperback;)

NOTE: The book uses side-by-side pages. Use the appropriate settings on your PDF reader; full screen works well for me.

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