Affinity Photo, Workspace Overview

This is a followup to yesterday’s post on the Affinity Photo (AP) user interface (UI). Yesterday’s primary tutorial format used two of AP’s excellent videos. Although I plan to refer to videos often, almost every AP-related post’s main content from now on will be a PDF. The reason is that these posts will form the basis for a free full length AP User Guide eBook (~250 pages). The ebook will use the $49.99 hardback Affinity Photo Workbook as a model.
In a week or so, these PDF posts will appear twice – once as a standalone post like the one you’re reading and the second actually embedded in the evolving eBook. You can actually read the book as it progresses. Proof readers anyone? For now, while I finish the eBook in outline form sans actual content, nothing is changed as far as conventional blogs go.

And – here is today’s post’s PDF material that will appear in the eBook. It’s an alternative view of yesterday’s User Interface explanation. Subsequent posts will elaborate on each of the seven workspace areas depicted below.

APho Workbook overview 3


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