Finding a Needle-in-a-Haystack

A Needle-a-Haystack pretty-much describes trying to find what you’re looking for here in the midst of 2500+ posts (and counting).

That problem describes one of the reasons why, after ten years, I switched to this new site. The original site was too limited in available features. When the posts’ author has trouble finding things, you know it’s time for a change!

What’s new? The following suggestions can be found in both the Home and the About page’s footers:

To find “Stuff”, use these Site Menu options:

    1. Search (similar to #2, but with more options)
    2. Blog (2500+ posts) – with a select a Category option
    3. Table of Contents (pre-selected popular material)

It pretty much says it all. The first is especially powerful. The second is handy while viewing the blog archives. The third contains a large selection of the site’s most  popular material. There’s overlap, but that’s good.

One last thing – To the extent that categories can play a role in finding things, one of my early chores will be to examine the available categories, as well which one(s) each post is assigned to. I wasn’t consistent over the 10 years of posting and would like to fix that. Your comments & suggestions are welcome.

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