My New Photo Editor

Just getting started with Affinity Photo after years of Photoshop. For starters, decided to try to replicate some of my favorite PS projects – starting with what I call Out-of-Frame. Here are examples from my past work – An Out-of-Frame Portfolio
AND – here’s my first attempt with AP. Not quite what I want, but close.

0 thoughts on “My New Photo Editor”

  1. Interested to see how you go with Affinity.
    I’m still looking for a Lightroom replacement. No so much for enhancement controls but for imagea management.
    Always a challenge to learn where new slider controls are grouped together.

  2. Good for you Ed.I really admire your positive and successful application. It looks fine to me.
    I’ve had Affinity sitting in the wings for some time now. Each time I attempt to use it, I get bogged down within a short time and go back to Photoshop CC. Must admit I’m getting fed up with the monthly rental.

    • I know the feeling; I used a many-years-old Photoshop Elements. Its main function in later years was as a plug-in platform for Nik software.
      Affinity Photo (which can host Nik) sat unused for over a year until two weeks ago when I started with their video tutorials and forced myself not to look back. Wasn’t easy to switch, but it was worth it.

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