A Floral Art Series – #7 Calla Lily

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  1. Thanks so much. Words like that mean more than you know.
    When the exhibit was real framed images on a gallery wall, a woman sent me an email saying she was moved to tears.
    Since I don’t make images for money, it’s comments like yours and hers that are my reward.

  2. Hi Ed, I’ve just revisited your fine ebook, ‘ Fine Art of Flowers’, and it’s such a delightful and inspirational collection. Our camera club’s subject for tomorrow night is ‘Macro/mico’. There are no flowers in my yard so I’m just going to be an observer. I’m going to put your ebook onto my iPad and show them how a real photographer can create wonderful floral images. It will inspire them to try and stretch their imagination and pop out of their collective comfort zone.
    Thanks again for the inspiration.

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