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  1. Ed thanks for the feedback. I agree HDR is overused ‘most of the time’, creating unreal situations. I did set my Sony A6 with a custom button for bracketing exposure for those times when it appears that based on site conditions I have a uncertainty that the camera may over/under expose due to lighting. I use Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2. Your Nik tutorial helped me enormously. Bob

  2. An atypical long-winded reply:
    o No, this wasn’t HDR. HDR, IMO, is overused – often as a crutch or as a stepping stone to some special effects. Certainly not needed here. A camera with wide dynamic range, such a my D800E, would handle this exposure with ease.
    o I assume you meant to say NOT SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera)
    o 100’s of my posts, almost every one until early 2015, explained all that a reader would want to know about processing as they were all tutorials. Use this site’s search feature to search for “How did you” to see just a few examples. I no longer have the time for repeating that info with every daily post. Current post photos are for viewing and the older posts are for studying.
    o 99% of my work is SOOC even though it might not seem so (note the 3rd C in my header’s 4-C’s). For example search for – “How did you make that image? #93 – Water Drops”. Or also – “Monet Made Me Do It”. Would you have guessed these were SOOC? I prefer in-camera Creativity over the in-computer variety. I’m a photographer and not a digital artist.
    I hope this clarifies the site’s content. Thanks for your interest. Enjoy…

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