Seen While Bushwhacking

Came home covered with ticks, but scenes like this made it worth it

0 thoughts on “Seen While Bushwhacking”

  1. Sure does but here in NH my yard in particular they are nasty I also live beside a beautiful woodland scene next year god willing I will have the proper tools to tackle invasives and TICKS 🙂

    • They get worse every year. When I first visited Sleeping Bear Dunes in 2005 (MI) a favorite claim was “Lots of poison ivy but NO ticks” – that’s no longer true. As for NH, VT, ME – I hope the bomb you’ll use is a big one. 😉

      • lol it is nuts my better half now has a pacemaker do to a heart block caused by a lyme tick bite 🙁 they flock to him maybe because he is diabetic or just plays out back closer to the woodline. I want chickens but too many coyotes to contend with 🙂

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