A Beautiful Seasonal Flower

Wow! It's December. Time goes fast when you're having fun.
Wow! It’s December. Time goes fast when you’re having fun.

The past 12 months have been hectic

  • 11/14 : Decided to move back to our home state after 55 years away
    • The next 7 months were something I’m glad are over
    • The good news is that we got rid of a lot of “stuff”
  • 7/11/15: House sold, movers come & gone, pulling out of the driveway
    • Three weeks at Seven Spring Resort waiting for the new house
    • A nice break
  • 7/30/15: Settled on the new house
    • Several weeks unpacking (got the car in the garage in under 2 weeks)
    • Followed by about two months of “fine-tuning”
  • 11/15: Starting to unwind & relax
  • 12/1/15: We’re glad we did it. Love the location & really love the house
    • At age 78, we’re not doing that again 😉

I all but abandoned photography for the past year.

  • A few flirtations with my iPhone trying to master smartphone cameras.
    • Useful, but not for “serious” photography
    • If you’re a serious photographer you need a serious camera and serious lenses – especially the lenses
  • But – yesterday my faithful Christmas cactus got me back to doing what I love with its first blossoms of the season

christmas cactus D800E_151130_104826__DSC5302

Nikon D800E, Nikkor 105mm macro lens, circular polarizer, tripod

Natural light with a black felt background

RAW file processed in Lightroom; no adjustments other than color & tonal contrast

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0 thoughts on “A Beautiful Seasonal Flower”

  1. I am glad you are settled and life is returning to normal. Lovely Christmas cactus image. Mine are also very prolific right now.

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