Enter this Nature Themed Exhibit – Free

Summary - Thursday's post surveyed viewer interest in a landscape exhibit. Today's post kicks it off with a slight twist.

Summary – Thursday’s post surveyed viewer interest in a landscape exhibit. Today’s post kicks it off with a slight twist – nature in general.



An intimate landscape

Yummy was a one-word workshop critique by Freeman Patterson

His highest praise; I didn’t know it at the time, puzzled me in fact

Exhibit Subject Matter

Nature, the outdoors

Without the hand of man (HOM)

Read here if HOM is new to you

Not wildlife; saving that theme for later

A bird flying through the scene is OK

But not as the main subject; just incidental

Entry Rules –

#1 – One entry per person

Entries open immediately

Entries close 5/31/14 or after 100 entries (whichever is 1st)

#2 – Send entries to edkphoto@comcast.net (NO other address)

Subject line: Nature Exhibit Entry


Your name


Image Title

Critique desired? Yes or No


JPEG file (NO other format)

1024 pixels on the long side


I will reply to all entries (if sent to correct address) with either:

Thank you, or

Doesn’t conform to rules, or

HOM – not accepted

Wrong address? In the Trash 🙁


Entries will be displayed

In a gallery in the order received

As soon as I send the acknowledgement reply

The only identification will be a number until

Viewer’s Choice and Equal Merit selections are done



The work must be yours

You retain all rights to the image

I will show suitable copyright markings

© by the photographer 2014

Email edkphoto@comcast.net for details

And will substitute your name after the exhibit closes


A heads up –

Strive for originality

Images that look like those seen over & over

Won’t score high in the critique’s

Creativity and Communication areas

Unoriginal images are average at best


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0 thoughts on “Enter this Nature Themed Exhibit – Free”

    • Good question. I’m actually thinking ahead to more themes down the road and wildlife was one of those, so lets save wildlife for later. I’ll clarify this in the rules.

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