Image Opinions – Judges vs. Viewer Comparisons

Summary - Two recent posts showed three judges' selections for awards as well as the choices of 50 viewers. See how they compare.

Summary – Two recent posts showed three judges’ selections for awards as well as the choices of 50 viewers. See how they compare.

Not surprisingly,  judges and “ordinary” viewers

Don’t necessarily have the same tastes when choosing images

Heck – even judges disagree with one another (ditto viewers)

I noted some favoritism in the viewers’ votes – expected I guess


Below are examples from the two sets of selections

Eleven selections each by judges and by viewers

1st: Images chosen by both judges & viewers

(These represent 10% of the total entries)

2nd: Chosen only by judges

3rd: Chosen only by viewers


There was even one image chosen

Only by a single judge (the most experienced) and zero viewers



The 1st eight hold universal appeal – judges and viewers both

Not so much the following two groups of three

What do you think separates the universal from the others?

Draw your own conclusions and share if you like


Click on the image below to see full screen images


In case I didn’t explain things well –

Top 8 + Middle 3 = Equal Merit Selectees

Top 8 + Bottom 3 = Viewers’ Choice Selectees

(Notice how I avoided using the word winner

Everyone is a winner who bothered to enter 😉 )

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  1. I don’t know if you recall, but after you submitted your first entry I visited your site and suggested that this one (7th down) was appealing. 😉

    Hard to go wrong with a bold display of primary color forms IMO.

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