An Exhibit – Show Us Your Work

Summary - I'll be accepting entries for my 1st Annual International Abstract Photography Exhibit beginning January 6th (through March 31st). Entry rules & guidelines are listed below.

Summary – I’ll be accepting entries for my 1st Annual International Abstract Photography Exhibit beginning January 6th (through March 31st). Entry rules & guidelines are listed below.


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A found abstract

After conversion to B&W (& a vertical flip)

Roll mouse to see what was “found”

Tell yourself – “Searchlights Piercing the Night Sky”


Entry rules & guidelines

Entries will be accepted between 1/6/14 and 3/31/14

Two entry categories:

1. Only minimal post-processing allowed

Limited to tonal & color contrast adjustments

Shooting in RAW is suggested for category #1

You may be asked to submit it later

IF the post-processing appears excessive

2. Any & all post-processing allowed


Entries in both categories must be

Abstract photos originating in your camera

For the definition of abstract, read these posts:

Definition in words version 1

Definition in words version 2

Definition by examples

FYI, I would accept all of these examples

Further, they’re all category #1


Entry submission:

Via email attachment (jpeg format)


Subject Line: Abstract Photo Exhibit

Body of email:

1. Photographer’s name

2. Country

3. Image Title

4. Image category: #1 or #2

5. Optional – anything you’d like to add

The exhibit gallery’s max display WIDTH is 1272 pixels

Submit nothing larger than 1272 wide, please

Something like 1024 on the longest side would be ideal


The photographer retains all rights to the image

There is no entry fee


Number of entries per person:

One per month (Jan – Mar) per person

A max of three if you enter early


Images will reviewed by several jurors

Independently, each will decide which images receive

An Equal Merit Citation

The number of resulting citations

Will be shown with each image in the exhibit

The exhibit will be displayed starting 4/15/14


Questions, suggestions? Use the post’s reply option below.


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  1. I just looked at your site’s table of contents—what a resource! What dedication and organizational thinking! Congratulations! Glad you’re having fun too, with this abstract art exhibition! I appreciate your attention to details in the guidelines.
    I may consider sending something or simply enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with! Looking forward!

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