Masters of Black and White – John Sexton

Most of us know of Ansel Adams & Edward Weston

But – Are you familiar with John Sexton (1953 – ) ?

You should be. He plays in their league.

John Sexton is a contemporary fine art photographer

who specializes in black and white photographs

Worked for Adams from 1979 to 1984 (when AA died)

Sexton lectures & teaches photographic workshops


I feel privileged to communicate through the medium of photography, to pursue the magic of light as it transforms the silver emulsions of my film and paper, as well as the emulsion of my heart, mind, and soul. It is my pleasure to present some of the photographs I have collected during the past three decades in this book. I hope that you will sense a glimmer of the magic and the excitement I felt while making these images.
– John Sexton, Preface to Recollections: Three Decades of Photographs


John Sexton has taken up where Ansel Adams left off, and he has done it with a powerful vision and a strong sense of purpose. His latest book, Recollections, is an essential volume for anyone who loves great photography.

– David Hume Kennerly Pulitzer Prize winning photographer


With photography changing so rapidly today, we have an ever greater need for someone to uphold the tradition of commitment to the dignity and beauty of nature, and of the meaningful expression of true and positive values. John Sexton exemplifies this commitment in his images, and has done so for over thirty years. To admire his work is not to regress in time, but to revel in the continuation of a mode of making images that uplifts us all and gives us hope.

– Peter C. Bunnell, McAlpin Professor of the History of Photography and Modern Art Emeritus, Princeton University

[FWIW, I prefer Sexton’s work over the “older masters”. Ed]
John Sexton images
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