Digital Zone System, Part 7 – Displaying Zones

It’s one thing to have a vision

But it’s another to actually see how

Your captured image matches that vision

Especially the image’s distribution of tones

Beyond “it’s dark, mid or light toned”

We’re often lost when it comes to judging tonality

This post describes how to actually display

Which images areas are in which Zone System zones



Gray Scale Test Image


This section will be repeated in each part of this series –
A useful reference
At the heart of the zone system is the zone scale which divides the tonal space from black to white into eleven zones.

Above & below – Wikipedia

Different image editing programs have different ways to show

Where, on a histogram, areas of the image lie

We want to finish our Zone System journey

and process our captured image

so it matches our vision

Our task is easier if our processing software can show us

The tonality of every area in our image.

Here is a 75 second YouTube video that shows two different approaches. (The video approach is an experiment; I’ve got a long way to go learning how to make them. Please bear with me.)

The second (Silver Efex Pro 2) is best

Tomorrow’s post will illustrate its use

In the meantime I’m going to spend the day in bed

I feel really crummy (day 2)

[7:45 12/6 – so crummy that I forgot to schedule this for 6:30 when I wrote it yesterday. Much better now.]

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