I can see clearly now (thanks to IR)

Did you know that infrared light

Penetrates Haze?

Distant vistas, almost invisible in the haze,

Become clear with infrared


Click to enlarge

Haze reduction through infrared

What a difference!

Dark areas near IR center are cloud shadows – (at the bottom right in the enlarged view)

Shenandoah Valley from Skyline Drive, Shenandoah NP

Top image – Nikon E5700 P&S

Bottom image – 35 seconds later

Same camera but screw-in IR filter added

The screw-in IR filter is opaque (can’t see a thing through it)

I took the top image without it

then, screwed it in and made the lower image

Shutter speed – 1/831 without, 1.40 with

Over 1000x longer (2000x since ISO was doubled)


This is how I started in IR

An old P&S with a screw-in IR filter

Highly recommended as a great way to learn

The cons of this approach are

Opaque filter requires framing shot before attaching filter

Opaque filter requires shutter speeds longer than a second

Both of the above necessitate a tripod

But there is a big pro –

If you shoot the color version before doing the IR

You have both a color and an IR

That allows for all sorts of color & selective color fun

By layering the two versions

In the case of this image how about making a color version

With the detailed distance of the IR version

By layering & blending in PS

(Could be done better; didn’t want to take the time)

Top – IR + Color Blend in Photoshop

Bottom – Color as captured

Or – you can layer the IR above the color & erase portions of the IR to get selective color effects like this –


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