Gallery Wrap Photo Grids

Gallery wrap prints are common

As are images printed in sections

I have wanted to print an image

in sections using gallery wraps

And – so I finally did

Strange New Worlds

Printed on canvas

Each gallery wrap panel is 10″ x 15″ (1.25″ deep)

The actual subject (a piece of glass) is about 2″ high

Magnified about 15X


Here’s a post of mine on how to make gallery wrap prints.

Today’s image was done in the same manner.

If the four panels were pushed together, the result is identical to the starting image

The 1.25 inch on the four sides “mirrors” the adjacent 1.25″ of the “real” image

The hardest part of the process (not that hard) was “carving” the original image file into the correct four parts

Crop the original 4-times and save the results

Each time crop away 3/4 of the image, leaving just one corner

13″x19″ canvas printed on an Epson 3800 Pro printer using the print program Qimage

Each canvas had a 10×15 image with a 1.25″ border on all four sides (the “wrap-around”)

For a total printed area of 12.5″ x 17.5″

Qimage made setting this up a snap

The gallery wrap frames were 10×15 (1.25″ deep) which is the largest I could make when starting with 13×19 canvas.

My next “grid” is going to be 3×3 made up of 14″ x 21″ panels

A “painterly” woodland scene multiple exposure

First, I need two things –

17×25 canvas (largest my printer can handle)

My long-awaited 36MP Nikon D800E to do a print over 5 feet long justice

Stay tuned. Probably in the autumn when the leaves turn.


Today’s image was my favorite entry for an ongoing abstract photography exhibit. Unfortunately the judge liked two others of mine better.

I think abstracts and similar images will work best with this grid approach. Maybe Picasso would do a cubist-style portrait with body parts scattered helter-skelter throughout a half-dozen panels, but I’m not Picasso.

Each of the four panels in today’s image can almost stand alone as an abstract – some better than others.


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