Snapseed, Nik Programs and RAW Conversion

Snapseed can process RAW files

However, it has no RAW converter

How is that you ask??

This applies to ALL Nik Software. Read on….

Steel Mill

Last of a dying breed in the Pittsburgh area

Confronted by US Steel security right after this shot

Terrorist, Terrorist,…!!!!

Processed in Snapseed Desktop starting with RAW

Dark, rainy night –  is there any better time?

Note shutter speed

You can drag a RAW file onto Snapseed Desktop (Mac or Win) and see your image appear like magic.
But – Snapseed works only with TIFF & JPEG inputs (and outputs only JPEG at this time) so

How did this happen? (if you care)

Read the next section….

PS – this applies generally to all Nik programs

No Nik Software products have a built-in RAW conversion

None, nada, zero in spite of appearances to the contrary

But they have ways to access the JPEG or TIFF file they require

  • Either from the RAW conversion of a plug-in host (like ACR in PS & LR)
  • Or from operating system features
    • The Windows Imaging Component (WIC) system built into Windows
      • Which uses the Codecs that are made by Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.
      • For example, with a Nikon WIC codec installed, it will process the RAW file and use the processed RAW data, not the embedded JPEG
    • The Mac OS’s ability to read a RAW image
      • If you have a newer camera, make sure you’ve run all updates to the OS

So, when you use a RAW file as input to any Nik program and think Nik converts RAW –

Not really

When the stars are aligned (and your Codecs or Mac OS are up to date) everything works as you expected

When it doesn’t work, come back and read the above again.

Not having the correct codecs is a typical Win user problem

Google for downloads

Note the underlined Microsoft bit in the next paragraph

Codecs (from Wiki)

By default, Windows Vista ships with the JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP and HD Photo encoder and decoder codecs, and an .ICO decoder. Additionally, as of 2009, some camera manufacturers and 3rd-parties have released WIC codecs for proprietary raw image formats, enabling Mac-like raw image support to Windows 7 and Vista. In July 2011, this was extended significantly by Microsoft itself by providing a separate Codec Pack for most current digital cameras.

For more click here.

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