Color Efex Pro 4 – The Complete Tutorial.

All that you need to know

Nothing left out


  1. New features – Overview
  2. The CEP4 Interface
  3. Anatomy of a CEP4 filter
  4. Filter Combinations & Recipes
  5. UPoint, Control Points & Selective Adjustment***
  6. New Histogram & Loupe
  7. History Browser***
  8. Presets***
  9. Keyboard Shortcuts***
  10. A Guide to Every Nik Color Efex Pro Filter

*** indicates topics applicable to HEP & SEP as well
HDR Efex Pro tutorial

Silver Efex Pro 2 tutorial

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0 thoughts on “Color Efex Pro 4 – The Complete Tutorial.”

  1. Ed,
    I really appreciate the huge amount of work you have put into your tutorials and have been enjoying going through them slowly. I have been looking for your post where you gave up on NX2, but can’t find it.
    I just wanted to ask you a few related questions, as I’m starting to use CEP 4 and am still torn over whether to use NX2 or not as a Nikon man. Do you use NX2 at all now, if not how do you convert to TIF for CEP 4?
    How do you do any other adjustments prior to applying the CEP 4 filters if you don’t use NX2?
    Why didn’t you use levels and curves in NX2? (I’ve just been going through your PP tutorials and there’s no mention of them?)
    Have you done anything on sharpening? I can’t find anything, but may honestly have missed it.
    What do you do to remove noise?
    Sorry to bombard you with questions. I am very grateful to you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us in this extremely informative blog.
    Many thanks,

    • Thanks.
      1. Never gave up on NX2. Once CEP4 was available, with no NX2 support, I just stopped using it as much. Used to do 99+% of my work with it. Now just use it mostly for images I feel need either WB work and/or shadow/highlight recovery. Since I’m ultimately headed to PSE for the Nik plug-ins, and once I discovered ACR was capable for the routine problem free images, the workflow is easier going straight to PSE/ACR and not starting first with NX2.
      2. All RAW converters, including ACR, can output a TIF. That said, I only use TIF for images that will be printed – overkill for web display. I will use TIF for web if the JPEG may pose problems – most especially banding.
      3. RAW converter, Viveza, Define, but usually just the RAW converter (with WB & S/H recovery) since I try to get the image near-perfect in the camera. I don’t believe in “fix it in Photoshop” if avoidable.
      4. Use the blog’s search feature (top of right sidebar) to find the several L&C posts I’ve done. I prefer L&C in CEP4 – luminosity, RGB and control points (NX2′s version is global and I want the option of CP’s).
      5. Sharpening – I normally do this only for printing and depend on the best print program in the planet, QImage, to handle it for me. For web work, I’m happy with the results I get using my luminosity blending trick.
      6. I shoot at Nikon’s default ISO and as such don’t normally have this problem. When I do I first try Define – Noise Ninja if that doesn’t work. If needed, I do this before anything else.
      You’re welcome. Too bad that Nik doesn’t see it that way.

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