iPad2 Photography – A Self Portrait

Self Portrait using iPad2 Photo Booth app & camera

No post-processing – blame it on the iPad camera & app

What can iSay? Well, 1st of all this app really distorted things. For example, my beard is less than 1/2 inch long in spite of how it looks here – really. As for the rest of it, others assure me that it’s a good likeness – but that beard??? Not!
iDecided to experiment with the iPad cameras (this one is located on the front and is the higher res one of two). iWas reading the iPad manual while eating breakfast and came across the Photo Booth app. iHad to try it, right away – put down the cereal spoon, turn on Photo Booth, and WHAP! there iAm. (iReally like Apple-talk, can uTell?).
iThink that iWill do a short series of  iPad photo posts, some using Nik’s new Snapseed for the iPad for post-processing. Tune in tomorrow.
If you missed my series on Nik Software’s Snapseed for iPad app, here it is –

  1. 6/9/11 – Initial Image Examples
  2. 6/10/11 – Overview
  3. 6/11/11 – Interface Usage
  4. 6/12/11 – Before/After Example
  5. 6/13/11 – Basic Editing Features (illustrated)
  6. 6/14/11 – “Fun” Enhancement Features
  7. 6/14/11 – Review (& a Wish List)

Here are a few more Photo Booth shots at breakfast –

Smile, grumpy. The darn camera distortion again – turned my normal happy smiley face into Mr. Grouch. 😉

Mr. Sunshine

iTold you that my beard wasn’t that long 😉

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