Snapseed for iPad – Initial Examples

Snapseed Sample Images (from the Dark-Side ;-))

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And now today – This is the first in a series of posts covering Nik Software’s Snapseed for iPad. Full disclosure – I am a Nik beta tester. Further disclosure – I have never tried Snapseed (nor an iPad) until about 12 hours ago. Talk about the blind leading the blind. 😉
I’m going to cover Snapseed in the same fashion/order as any new user – starting with opening it after making the $4.99 purchase from the Apple iTunes AppStore.
Today I’ll just show several example results from a little “let’s see what this does”. This is just to whet your appetite – or not. In the next post, I’ll begin a series of more structured posts resulting in a Snapseed tutorial of sorts. There is no user manual (there are 4 videos on the Nik site above), however, in just a short time playing working with it I found it to be easy and intuitive – even for an iPad babe in the woods.
Initial observations –

  • As an iPad newbie getting photos loaded on to the iPad  from my computer was an experience, but that’s another topic entirely (to be covered in a later post; bottom line – buy the $2.99 app, Photo Transfer).
  • Snapseed does not do RAW conversions so, if you shoot RAW as I do, you need to create jpeg files on your computer before beginning. I’ll check on other formats like tiff later.

Good & bad news –

  • Good – the essential photo editing tools are all here; the interface is easy even without a manual; it’s fun to use
  • Bad – all of the “good” coupled with non-essential (but addictive) special effects tools will combine to keep you away from Angry Birds or whatever else it is that iPad old timers really bought their iPad for 😉
  • Today’s initial images are all from the “bad” side of Snapseed. I first checked out the basic editing tool set and was pleased – 30 minutes. I then went to the special effects and was hooked – 1 hour & 30 minutes. Rather than waste spend more time today, I decided to call it quits and post this as representative of a 1st time user’s out-of-the-box day-one experience. More to come….

Without further ado or comments here are three examples. Not my normal post-edit thing but they were fun to fool around with.
First are the three starting images – closeup, people, landscape – followed by what I did to them in Snapseed. In the next post we’ll begin looking at what I should have done with them (at least at the start) and how it is done. Click any image to enlarge it.

The above image is from the same starting image as this next one that was featured in a recent “How did you make that image?” post and repeated here, below –

Next in this series, an Overview….

Get a Snapseed free, no strings attached
I mentioned that Nik was “gifting” me a free copy of Snapseed as a beta tester. Sadly, the iTunes AppStore didn’t get it to me in time for me to start this review. AND – Naturally, it arrived an hour after I finished writing today’s post. Since I promised you, the readers, that this series would start today I sprung for the “big bucks” out of my pocket when it didn’t arrive on time. That’s good news for you – the Nik project manager tells me that I can send the gift code to someone else. This gives me an opportunity to be the first Apple gift app “re-gifter” ;-).
I will send my Snapseed download code to the 1st person replying to this post using the Reply area at the bottom (I’ll go by the reply’s date & time stamp). Include your e-mail address so that I can forward the gift email.

  • 1st – For reasons known only to Apple the gift can be given only to residents of countries where Nik has a credit card. That means the U.S. and Germany and so if you’re from another country you’re not eligible – sorry.
  • 2nd – You need an Apple ID (account). This is from the iTunes Gift e-mail –

“To redeem your gift, click Redeem Now above. You will be asked to verify your Apple ID, and then your gift will begin to download immediately. You must have the latest version of iTunes to redeem this gift.”


  1. 6/9/11 – Initial Image Examples
  2. 6/10/11 – Overview
  3. 6/11/11 – Interface Usage
  4. 6/12/11 – Before/After Example
  5. 6/13/11 – Basic Editing Features (illustrated)
  6. 6/14/11 – “Fun” Enhancement Features
  7. 6/14/11 – Review (& a Wish List)

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  1. Matt! What a surprise. Yes, the freebie is still available and I’ll forward the iTunes Store gift email to you in a minute.
    How are things going?

  2. Ed, I had just looked at the reviews for Snapspeed yesterday, both for and against. Then I saw your post and wanted to see what you could get from it. If it is still available, I’d love to try it out!

  3. Hey, Mike. You bought it already? I should ask Nik for a cut. If you recall our discussion during the SNP safari test drive, I was going to buy an iPod touch – if anything. Glad that I didn’t & wish that I’d gone for the iPad sooner. I’m like a kid with a new toy at Christmas and I haven’t even downloaded my 1st game yet; my wife feels that I’ve left her….
    OK – the rest of you folks, the door is still open for that freebie since Mike, like me, already has a copy. Keep those replies coming 😉

  4. Thanks for this, Ed. I’ve had my iPad for a bit over a month, and I just bought Snapseed after your first post on the subject. I’m looking forward to your tutorials! – Mike

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