Snapseed for iPad

[Update – Snapseed for iPad posts:

  1. 6/9/11 – Initial Image Examples
  2. 6/10/11 – Overview
  3. 6/11/11 – Interface Usage
  4. 6/12/11 – Before/After Example
  5. 6/13/11 – Basic Editing Features (illustrated)
  6. 6/14/11 – “Fun” Enhancement Features
  7. 6/14/11 – Review (& a Wish List)


  • You’re a photographer (or even if you just take pictures ;-)) and
  • You own an iPad
  • Break out your wallet and prepare to spend big bucks – $4.99
  • Get a copy of the Snapseed iPad app


  • You’re a photographer and
  • You do not own an iPad
  • Break out your wallet and prepare to spend bigger bucks – $4.99 (plus another $499.00 or more for an iPad)
  • Get a copy of the Snapseed iPad app (and an iPad to go with it)

Snapseed for the iPad from Nik Software has arrived. The future is now. If I hadn’t already bought an iPad, I might buy one now.
Nik Software just announced their first software product that’s not a plug-in for programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom – it’s an iPad app. From the looks of it, it may be the only photo editing app you’ll need.
I’m a newcomer to the world of iPad – mine is out on the FedEx truck for delivery at this instant. Thus – I’m praising Snapseed without even having tried it but I have no reservations about doing so. That praise is based on years of experience with Nik software as both a user, teacher and beta tester – there’s no better photo software.  Others are fans as well – Nik has won numerous awards for their photo software including the Best Photo Software for 2011 from the Technical Imaging Press Association (TIPA).
Over the next few weeks I’ll be learning all about iPad and, also, Snapseed. As I’ve done in the past with

I’ll create a series  posts that come together in the end in the form of a tutorial. I do this as a personal learning tool – like taking notes when in class or studying. Later when I have a question I can just search back through my notes (on this blog). Try it –

  • Type a search phrase in the “Search” box near the upper right of this WordPress window (try Silver Efex Pro)
  • Click on the box next to it labeled “This Site”
  • If you tried the example, you see a list with all of my posts on SEP

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting Adventures of Ed in iPad-land (my first Apple product since my very first computer in 1978 – an 8-bit Apple II, 16KB memory, no disk drive, with B&W TV for a monitor with upper case characters only – yeah, I’m that old;  a 41st birthday present, ouch!). Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll know all that there is to know about Snapseed; the iPad might take a week or two longer 😉
Full disclosure – I am a Nik beta tester. As such, I’ve been “gifted” a copy of Snapseed – value $4.99 (I can be bought on the cheap ;-)).
I did not participate in the Snapseed beta as I didn’t own an iPad. Got my copy the same time/way as everyone else – via the AppStore.

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