A High Key Happy Accident

Or – even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while

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I went out this morning for a sunrise shoot at a local botanical garden and came across this structure. It was a few minutes before sunrise and, while it was plenty light, the tonal range from brights to darks was extreme. I’m not a HDR-guy but decided to shoot a bracketed set of images just in case. When I downloaded my files, this was one of those bracketed images – the one at the bright end of the scale.
I thought – WOW! That’s pretty cool. Let’s go with that. So here you see the acorn (straight from the camera) found by this blind pig. I’m going to have to try more high key landscapes – maybe there are more acorns out there.
Nikon D300, 1/5 sec, f/5.6, Tokina 16-50 @ 22mm, ISO200, EV2, Spot meter, Tripod
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