My Internet Posting Evolution & Milestones

I took up photography in 2002 (retired engineer searching for a hobby – which turned into an obsession ;-)).

Posting Evolution

  • I started posting images to my own website, The Beholder’s Eye,  at about the same time in 2002
  • The next step was a commercial internet photo sharing site in early 2004
    • followed shortly afterwards with closing my website (too much work compared with simply uploading to a commercial site)
  • In January 2010 this blog was started as a teaching tool for a local photo club
  • There were (still are) other photo galleries & blogs but you get the idea

Posting Milestones

  • Photo Website
    • Nearly 5500 images to date (I shot & posted a new image every day for over 5 years beginning 5/04)
    • Visits/views will exceed 2,000,000 before the May 2011 anniversary
  • This Blog –
    • Nearly 300 posts
    • 29,999 visits (as of the moment I started this post); 20,000 of those have occurred since 1/1/11 (it takes a while for the wheels to gain traction)
      • Almost 30,200 as I wrap this up 2 hours later
    • Only 60-some subscribers (take a moment to click the Subscribe link in the right hand column to be notified by email when there’s a new post ;-))


I love –

  • Art (as I discovered since 2002) and
  • Writing (actually wrote a college text on computer programming in the mid-80’s, on a whim, and got that out of my system ;-)) and
  • Technology
    • Retired as chief engineer for the government (DoD) group responsible for developing the internet
    • Sent my first email (not called that then) in about 1980 via my original 16KB Apple II (mass storage was a cassette tape and now I have 10+TB of networked storage and 8GB of RAM in a computer that is 100’s of times more powerful than the 1980 vintage machines. Amazing!). Sent via the Arpanet, forerunner to today’s internet.
    • Wrote Apple software and was invited to the first Apple software developers orientation for the Mac (’83 or ’84?)
      • Bought an IBM PC the next day and haven’t looked back but that’s a whole other story 😉
    • Built my own PC (chips, a 6502 microprocessor circa 1975, piece parts, wire & solder – not pre-assembled mother boards as they do today) about the same time as the AppleII was born in a garage
  • The outdoors – experiencing nature is “salve for my soul“; seeing it through a viewfinder is nearly a religious experience

And so you see that all that followed the purchase of my first camera in 2002 (Olympus 2MP point and shoot), was preordained.

And two more reasons, the most important ones –

  1. Posting photos – After I stopped competing, nothing left to prove to myself, I needed an outlet to show my work. It’s the visual parallel to the old “If a tree falls in the forest & no one is around to hear it….” line.
  2. Blog posts – These posts are a terrific learning experience (for me, forget about the reader). I often write about things that interest me but that I’m too lazy to dig into further without the motivation of putting myself on the line via a blog post. Also, and maybe most importantly, the posts are a way to write notes to myself for future reference. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t do/use something repeatedly it’s soon gone from the gray matter (& at age 74 “soon” seems to get quicker & quicker). Almost every day, as I look at the web stats and which posts visitors are reading, I’ll pick one at random and read – and often am surprised by what I’d forgotten since writing it. Also, if I need a refresher on a topic – panorama shooting was it for today – I type a key word into the “Search” box that appears at the top right of every post and click “This Site” and, voila, instant memory recall – including access to all of the links that I laboriously search out and include in my posts (amazingly I’ve found that that less than 10% of the readers ever click on these reference links – yes, the stats show this, too).

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  1. Ed, I have just spent a couple of hours going through your “obsession”; Fascinating, Educating, and just plain BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank you

  2. Thanks, Howie. It truly is an obsession when I realize that just the ball head for my current tripod is as large and expensive as that 1st point and shoot camera.

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