More Playing with Luminosity

In a previous post, I discussed the difference among three B&W conversion techniques –

  1. Extracting the  Luminosity Channel from the HSL color model
  2. Grayscale, and
  3. Desaturation.

This followed two earlier posts that discussed how impressionist painters used a technique called “equiluminance” to fool/confuse the viewer’s eye into thinking things were moving/shimmering in the painting.
Since then, I’ve been experimenting with combining normal color images with B&W images using Photoshop’s Luminosity blending mode. Some results are interesting – but nothing special. Here’s an example (click any image to enlarge it).
I began with this straight-from-the-camera image (made yesterday at Hog Camp Branch, Shenandoah National Park, a short distance above Dark Hollow Falls).

I then made this B&W image using Silver Efex Pro 2.

Blending the two with the luminosity option gave this next image.

A side-by-side view (click to enlarge) is shown below.

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