Silver Efex Pro 2 – Tutorial

The SEP 2 tutorial is made up of the following twelve articles. You can either –

  • Read them in order, or
  • Start with #12, Workflow – which has the following links embedded – and read the sections in the context of how & when they’re used.
  1. Overview & Interface
  2. Image Preview Options
  3. Presets
  4. Global Brightness Adjustments
  5. Global Contrast Adjustments
  6. Global Structure Adjustments
  7. Global Adjustments, Wrap Up (Tonality Protection; Levels & Curves)
  8. Selective Adjustments
  9. Color Filters
  10. Film Types
  11. Finishing Adjustments
  12. Workflow
  13. [Update 9/17/11] History Browser

Update: Go here for Troubleshooting Tips for those with problems getting SEP 2 to run properly.

[Update – a series of examples will be added “as time goes by”] Example 1 – Presets and Selective Color
Example 2 – Extreme Curves Adjustments
Example 3 – SEP2 Tricks to Manipulate the Original Color Image (borders, noise, vignettes, etc)
Example 4 – Pushing the B&W Envelope
Example 5 – The Digital Zone System

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  1. As a general rule, the time to apply sharpening is immediately before an image is made ready for display. This suggests that once you are finished processing, the processed image is saved – UNSHARPENED. This is your “pre-display master”. This master will be retrieved and sharpened depending on how it is to be displayed (and saved under a new name for each different sharpening).
    The sharpening required by an image varies depending on how it is to be shown. Projection requirements are different from print. Further, print requirements vary all over the lot depending on the print size, the viewing distance, paper type, etc.
    Forgetting about the details, the short answer is to sharpen AFTER all of your post-processing is done. Since you will be displaying a projected JPEG, it’s this JPEG that I would sharpen. Later if you want a print, get the “master” and do the sharpening all over again.
    This post applies.

  2. Ed,
    I am doing some b/w conversions at the moment using SEP 2. These are to enter in my first ever photographic competition at the local club I’ve just joined.
    Can you advise where sharpening should be applied? Should it be done before converting the NEF to TIFF in CNX2, after the conversion of the TIFF in SEP2 and once it has been passed back to CNX2, or once it has been converted to JPEG in CNX2.
    I have done some to date where I have got some very dodgy results and just wonder what the best practice advice is for this.
    The pictures are to be projected as digital images rather than printed.

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