Water Drops on a CD – or DVD ;-)

A Recipe for

A cold winter day project to make images like this


Ingredients –

  1. A CD
  2. Water
  3. An eye dropper or hypodermic needle (to apply water to the glass)
  4. DSLR camera (may be more difficult with a point & shoot)
  5. Macro Lens (+ extension tubes, etc. as desired)
  6. Tripod


Directions –

  1. Play with the CD. Examine the effect of different light & angles on the shiny side reflections. You will see a myriad of different rainbow like colors.
  2. Place one or more water drops on the shiny side of the CD
  3. Set up your camera/tripod
  4. Use what you learned in step #1 to get interesting colors in your shot
  5. You’re ready to shoot. Focus on the water drops. You will normally be shooting at an angle to the CD and the drops, and so you must stop the lens way, way down to maximize the depth of field in order to keep the drops in focus as much as possible.
  6. Experiment with Liveview if available on your camera


Another Example – Both images made with a 105mm 1:1 macro lens (f/40 & f/25 respectively) and natural light through a window

The possibilities are limitless….

Go here for another, more exotic, water drop technique.

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