Photo Composition Skeletons – The top image below is from my new blog, Photographic Visions, where I described what I typically look for in a landscape composition.

  • Interesting subject well placed in the picture space
  • Leading line(s) to guide the viewer’s eye through the image
  • Prominent foreground object to provide an anchor for the eye and to aid in the illusion of depth

The top image demonstrates these three items. Carry a vision of these elements in your mind and you’ll be surprised at how often it leaps out at you when you’re out & about.
I refer to this type of vision as the skeleton of a composition. The skeletal elements remain the same from image to image – just the flesh changes. Compare both images below in terms of a compositional skeleton. They are the same!

  • Foreground element – Flowers vs. seed heads
  • Leading line – Gravel path vs. green grass
  • Subject (not centered) – Bench vs. farm house

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