All You Need to Know – IN 31 SECONDS

about making great images….

My son sent me this link to a humorous TV ad. Watch it and learn all that you need to know about making images in 31 seconds.
Joking aside, my walk around point & shoot camera is a LUMIX – but a different model from the one in the ad. When using my LUMIX, I go from one extreme (DSLR, almost manual everything, 100% shot from a tripod in RAW) to hand-holding the LUMIX and using its iA (intelligent automatic which is hyped in the ad). It gives great results.
This image was made with my LUMIX FZ28 in a mall – playing with reflections. Hand held in the intelligent automatic mode. The top version was run through HDR Efex Pro’s single image HDR mode. It didn’t need it – just experimenting. The 2nd version is as it came from the camera with no post processing. The HDR version has slightly increased color and contrast. (Click images to enlarge)

Technical data – as opposed to the “no expert” I peeked at the EXIF data just now –
1/25 sec at f/3 with ISO 400, EV -1/3; 35 mm equiv. focal length 43mm

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