The Best Images are in Your Own Backyard

I just finished an update to a community photography book initially done two years ago. If you are interested in what I do with my early morning time take a look. After clicking on the link use the FULL SCREEN button near the upper right of the new window for best viewing.
To me these images are a perfect example of why you’ll find the best images right outside your own front door – all are no more than 15 minutes away on foot from mine. Yes, there are more photogenic spots in the world but I can’t haunt them day and night for years on end getting to know their nooks & crannies in every season, in every light, under every atmospheric condition. I try to do the same at Shenandoah National Park in my volunteer photographer role but even several 8-hour visits a month over the past five years doesn’t get it done. Imagine the futility of those who expend time & money for that “great photo vacation” to Yellowstone (or where ever) – expecting to make something truly good and not succeeding except through good fortune. It’s my Julia Childs analogy – it takes more than good ingredients and good equipment, as called for in the recipe, to create a good meal.
Most of these images wouldn’t make a competition judge’s short list – but who cares. The cover photo is from a 2o”x3o” framed image that I gave to the community’s annual cancer charity benefit raffle. Folks here love “their tree”.

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