There's Haze in Them Thar Hills!

The longest post in this Photo Improvement series (or maybe any blog, anywhere) was on Infrared Photography. Lots of good info – if I must say so myself. 😉
One thing that I failed to mention in that post is how atmospheric haze is affected when shooting infrared – it disappears!
Here is a simple illustration made up of two images of the same scene made within seconds of one another from an overlook on Skyline Drive. One, in color, is what we humans see – the visible light spectrum. The second shows you what the infrared spectrum looks like – besides the obvious lack of color, the thick haze that blankets the Shenandoah Valley and the Appalachian Mountains farther to the west is no longer visible.
Oh, that we could make the real thing – the pollutants – disappear as easily. Visibility from this spot, which used to be 50 miles or more, is now typically less than 10 miles. Hug a tree, they may not be around long (says the one in the foreground). 😉

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  1. Amazing, Ed! I need a pair of IR glasses when I (all-too-seldom) go flying in that area! Mike W

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