Summer Photo Exhibits – #3

I’m doing three solo exhibits this summer. The first, Georgia on My Mind, is here.
The second, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, has a week left to go.
I’m in the process of printing 28 candidates in order to select the final 16 for This Land Is Your Land. These images are along the lines of picture postcards of iconic USA landmarks and scenes. Although I like the images depicted in this collection, they do not represent the type of photography that I prefer doing personally. Images of these sites tend to be overdone and aren’t original. Their beauty comes more from the beauty of the subject and not so much as a result of the photographer’s skill and work – anyone can do it. Not a big deal – just a personal preference when it comes to what I like to shoot. I’m wrapping up my summer series with pretty postcards because, regardless of my personal preferences, this is what connects with the audience for this series of exhibits.
Here’s a slide show with all 28 images. My plan is to include at least one from each of fourteen different areas represented by the 28. I was having trouble with the final cut and decided to make it based on full size prints rather than staring at my monitor.
Click on the slide show to open it in a new window.When at the new window, choose the Full Screen option.
[slideshow id=2522015791364315257&w=426&h=320]

0 thoughts on “Summer Photo Exhibits – #3”

  1. Ed – I think they are all extraordinary! I particularly like 4, 5, 15 and 25. Having begun to benefit from your course, it’s more obvious to me, as Travis said, how much went into making these images! Thanks for sharing.
    Mike W

  2. Ed, Don’t for a minute think that, “anyone can do it!”
    This work shows, not just the beauty of the scene, but the time, patience, perseverance and attention to detail that raises these above the ordinary. Oh, and the reason why ‘postcard’ pictures are what they are is because people will PAY money for ’em ’cause they’re better than anything they could ever do.
    Kudos on the great images.

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