Summer Photo Exhibit #2

I’m doing three exhibits this summer. The first, Georgia on My Mind, is here.
Today I hung the second – These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. Below you’ll find in order of appearance –

  • An Artist’s Statement
  • A slide show of the 16 images
  • In a day or two I’ll post all 16 images, one-by-one, together with the explanatory note that is included on the wall alongside each image in the exhibit


These are a Few of My Favorite Things

The Exhibit
The intent of this exhibit is not to present my favorite photographs nor my favorite subjects. Well, Ed, what—exactly—is your intent? What you will see in this exhibit are images that illustrate a few of my favorite personal styles and techniques that I use when creating my photographs.
If I have a single overarching goal with my photography, it’s to be original. I don’t want you to look at my work and feel comfortable that you’ve seen work like it before. Anyone can make a knock-off of a famous well known photograph—but what’s the point? Anyone can make a “postcard image” of an iconic landmark—but why not just buy the postcard? Original & creative images in a personal style are what I strive to achieve in my photography. When I competed, competition “regulars” usually knew which images were mine even when shown anonymously.
So—that’s what this exhibit is about. Please enjoy a few of my favorite things.
The Photography

These photographs are as they were seen through the viewfinder except as stated in the notes accompanying each image. I use a digital SLR camera and every shot is made using a tripod.  My photographs, in general, are not altered after the fact by digital manipulation. I believe that camera Craftsmanship (exposure, focus, lighting & color), together with good Composition (the eye & tripod are key), and Creativity (don’t make the same image as everyone else; develop a personal style) are the keys to good photography—and not digital manipulation.
Each photograph is accompanied by a description of the subject and the technique used.
The Photographer

Ed Knepley is an amateur photographer and a retired engineer. He took up photography in 2002. His favorite subjects are found in nature.
Ed has won numerous awards. His work has been published in books and magazines and hangs in several permanent and private collections. He is a volunteer photographer for the National Park Service where his work is on display in the Shenandoah National Park’s Byrd Center and is used extensively in park brochures, newsletters and websites.
Ed shot every day from 2004-2009 and posted a photo-a-day to his website during that time. You can view his work at
Click in the center of the slide show to open a new window. At the new window click on Full Screen.
[slideshow id=2522015791363942257&w=426&h=320] _________________________________________________________
Check back in a day or two for more from this exhibit.

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