Somewhere Over the Rainbow….

If  you’re near a source of water drops in the air, you’re near the potential for a rainbow. Apart from the obvious source – rain – waterfalls, fountains and sprinklers come to mind.
Rainbows can be seen when there are water drops in the air and sunlight is shining from behind you at a low angle. Early morning or late afternoon are good times for the proper angle of the sun. (Did you know that the moon can cause a similar phenomenon called a moonbow?)
Yesterday on my morning walk, I came across the rainbow depicted in the next two images. I didn’t have my camera with me (shame, Ed) and resolved to return this morning. Ta-da! This is another example of my regular sermon about why it’s easier to find good photo ops near home than far-far away.
I used a 16-50 f/2.8 lens  at 22mm for the vertical and 38mm for the horizontal. I used a circular polarizer which can make a big difference in terms of how well the rainbow shows up (or not).  Taken about 2.5 hours after sunrise. No pot of gold was evident?

I arrived before the fountain turned on for the day and made a few pre-rainbow images like this next one.

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