Make Lemonade

When there doesn’t seem to be a good image to be had, step outside the box. You may not like what you step into, but give it a try anyway.
This morning I was trying to make an image of some pink coneflowers. However, the sun rise got to them before I did and  fighting the severe highlight/shadow contrasts was a losing battle in spite of using a diffusion disk. Seeing shadows on the disk gave me an idea – maybe not a great image but at any rate an idea to explore.
The following two images tell the tale. Nothing sensational but, like I said, an idea to explore in the future.
The first image is  the setup. Below it is the result. Give it a try – lots of possibilities. You’ll need a helping hand. (PS – you’ll note that those cheap inadequate tripods that we all bought before realizing that they weren’t up to the task can still come in handy. It wasn’t a total waste.)
The next thing I may try is placing something in the foreground to complement the diffusion disk silhouette. Or – how about a “portrait silhouette” of a person?

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