Making the Image You Want

No! I don’t mean using Photoshop to “make” an image. I mean making it in the camera.
This course, as I’ve said repeatedly, is about knowing all there is to know about using your camera AND then employing that understanding to capture, in camera, the image that you want. If you just shoot Auto-Everything you’ll take a snapshot that the camera designer felt was the appropriate capture. If what you want is the same snapshot everyone else gets in a similar situation then go for it – but there’s a big difference between taking a snapshot and making an image.
Here’s an example (which may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but remember also that we’re shooting to please ourselves and not some predefined standard of normality). In my humble opinion this in-camera “processing” trumps Photoshop processing every day of the week –  if your objective is to be a photographer rather than a PS-expert.

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