Photography Lessons from the World of Art

When it comes to composition, a photograph is no different than any other two dimensional visual image. The same principles apply. For this reason, if you’re interested in making better photographic images don’t neglect centuries of lessons available to you from the world of painting and art. I own nearly as many books on art as photography.
Here are several videos that explore art – in particular, how art is seen by viewers. This material is a complement to our on going series on composition. The videos are lengthy but can viewed in a series of bite sized (7 minutes or so) pieces. The final video is longer – a 45 minute lecture from a UC Berkley course – you’re going back to college.
The first set of videos are from the acclaimed BBC series Ways of Seeing. I’m providing a link to just the first part of the first episode of Ways of Seeing on YouTube. Links to the remaining parts of this episode and the other three episode are available at the site (click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right corner to go to the main YouTube site for this series).
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The last video is “Art 8, Introduction to Visual Thinking” from a UC Berkley course taught by John S. McNamara – (in particular, view lecture #3 which is specifically about photography).

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