Becoming a Good Photographer

Here is an article about 10 traits that it takes to become a good photographer. Items could be added or deleted – nit picking – but the general thought is right on the mark.
If you care to, I’d like to have course members reply by comment to this post –

  1. How many of these 10 traits do you possess?
  2. Which of the 10 is your strongest trait?
  3. Which of the 10 is your weakest trait?

My (biased) response would be –

  1. 10
  2. #1 – IMO this one drives all of the traits that follow. Without passion you won’t accomplish all of the remaining nine.
  3. #4 – My photo-subject interests are too broad for me to become a subject matter expert in every area. This would be easier if one specialized. I will say that I know more flora and fauna than a few years ago when I was starting.

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  1. To some degree, I think a little bit of all ten although some “pop” more than others! #8 I’d have to waver on because everyone in the class is so good.
    Strongest: a tie between passion and patience. I’ll take 100 pictures to get one image that fits. Whether it’s flora, outdoor landscapes, sports or grandchildren, it doesn’t matter. Those mentioned are my greatest passions and I stick with them and though I’m not up at 6AM to take pictures of Grandchildren, I will be up then for a sunrise.
    My weakest, I believe, is style. It is also my weakest when I do watercolors. I cannot come up with a consistency of either topics or product. l took some pictures of one of the twins trying to use curve and line for design sake, Some pictures are just fun, like the Busch Garden tea cup shown in framing. If you asked me to define what approach I would take today going out on a photo excursion, I’d have to say,”I don’t know!” A good example is when we were in Warrenton and stopped in the cemetery to take some framing images.

  2. Russ, I don’t agree that everyone has all 10 traits to some degree – unless “some” includes not at all. Start with #8 & #9. But, that’s the wonderful thing about a democracy – everyone is entitled to an opinion and vote.

  3. Ed: Each of us I’m sure has all 10 traits to some degree. The one where I feel that my strength lies is (#1) passion and drive to pursue that illusive “perfect” image; but impatience (#5) is my main obstacle to getting that image. Impatience (rushing) frequently results in incorrect settings/composition and subsequent loss of the shot. Russ

  4. Becoming a Good Photographer: I probably have about 5 out of 10. All of them are rather weak though.
    Strongest – #4 – caring about the subject. I really care about getting the best shot of flowers, bugs, animals. I try extra hard for these.
    Weakest – # 5 – Patience. I am limited here. I do have enough patience to be able to stay with a subject until I think I have a good shot, but mostly that isn’t enough.
    Pat W

  5. Becoming a Good Photographer —
    How many traits? I’d like to think I possess all 10, though I know that several are a lot weaker than they should be.
    Strongest – #2 – Craft. With an Engineering education and years of a technical career, this is, I believe, my strongest trait.
    Weakest – #4 – Care about subject. Not even close to being there. Several others traits are weak and I have to work on them.
    -Mike W

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