Composition Techniques – Framing, 1

After over three months and more than 50 articles, our course’s coverage of the 1st of the 4-C’s, Craftsmanship, is complete. Next up is Composition.
It’s too pretty outside to be inside writing about photography – better to be outside doing photography. For Composition, I’m going to try reversing the process I took with Craftsmanship. Instead of starting with a detailed discussion of the basics followed by examples of how to apply them, in Composition I’m going to start with examples of composition techniques. Later, I’ll do a visual design overview which brings all of those techniques together in a single comprehensive package. If the approach doesn’t work, at least it allows me to get out more with the camera during this wonderful season for outdoor photography – spring! You should get out, too. Daily over the next few weeks, after viewing each technique and the illustrative example(s), grab your camera and go outside to make your own version. Note, I said “your own” – imitation is fine to get started, but try to move beyond mimicry.
Framing – Today’s technique is framing. I don’t think much needs said about what framing is if you simply look at the examples. Tomorrow, I’ll elaborate on this technique as there are points to bear in mind beyond the obvious.

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