Panning – Trying Hard

Lois Wagner and I are working hard as can be seen from our panning efforts.
Camera:  Canon Rebel Xsi; 24 mm; evaluative metering; shutter priority; ISO = 200; EV = 0; F/20; 1/32 sec.
Monkey was tired–back to the drawing board.

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  1. Great to see you gals working on this together. My main observation regarding this image is that 1/32s is too fast. To really see the blur requires a shutter speed several times that slow – like 1/8s.
    1/8s is slower than your existing light conditions would allow. To get there would mean an aperture setting of f/40 (two stops slower than the f/20 you used) which your lens probably couldn’t provide. Check the math, something that’s important when puzzling out what one needs for proper exposure – and is the reason I keep harping about knowing all about “stops” –
    1) slowing the shutter from 1/32 to 1/8 is a factor of FOUR (32/8 = 4) and four = two stops (2 x 2, where a stop is defined as halving or doubling the amount of light); in changing to 1/8 we’re letting in 4X as much light and must compensate by changing the aperture to avoid over exposure
    2) narrowing the lens opening in order to lessen the light by 4X means a corresponding 2-stop aperture change or, in this case, from f/20 to f/40
    Try again when it’s not so light or use a neutral density filter. All pictures that a photographer envisions can NOT be made at *all* times. Sometimes the only choice is to come back later.

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